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Angled image of a vent pipe cap
That can be used as part of a plumbing system

Vent Pipe Caps are an easy solution to protect your plumbing system from rain, snow, debris, insects and vermin while not inhibiting necessary air flow. Engineered to offer a vertical termination or entry, this roof rain cap is used to ventilate flues, water heater systems, pipes and other openings alike.

This rain cap vent pipe is made of aluminum, so it should not be used to ventilate wood burning stoves, and or fireplaces because those applications require the vent caps to be made of a steel.

These static vent pipe caps have vertical louvers that allow air to pass through while preventing insects, birds and animals from entering the pipe. Diameter sizes 3 inch through 12 inch features the Round Back design, while diameters in sizes of 14 inch to 24 inch have the Pop Vent design.

Diameter Vent Pipe Cap Model
3" Diameter VPC-3
4" Diameter VPC-4
5" Diameter VPC-5
6" Diameter VPC-6
7" Diameter VPC-7
8" Diameter VPC-8
9" Diameter VPC-9
10" Diameter VPC-10
12" Diameter VPC-12