In addition to winning an Australian Design Award in 1999 for innovation in product development, the UTC® has been embraced by water utilities in Australia, the UK, Europe, and North America. The entire range of UTC® fittings is fully approved for potable water, meeting NSF and CSA standards.

Philmac UTC Overview

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     HARCO Fittings is a distributor of Philmac Universal Transition Coupling (UTC®) fittings for the United States. Philmac is a global leader in the design and manufacture of plastic compression fittings that provide the ultimate in pipe connection flexibility. Australia-based Philmac was founded in 1929 and became part of the Aliaxis Group in Belgium in 2003.

     The UTC® products are especially designed for connecting pipes that are made from a variety of different materials, such as polyethylene, galvanized steel, PVC, copper, ABS, lead, and stainless steel.

UTC Benefits

   Complete Flexibility
     • Universal Design: The Philmac UTC® is designed to accommodate a range of different diameters on most pipe material (including copper, PE, PVC, lead, steel, galvanized steel, ABS, and stainless steel).
     • Large Seal: The large seal in the Philmac UTC® is particularly suited to out-of-round and pitted pipes.
   Complete Coverage
     • The Philmac UTC® range is comprehensive: Configurations include “No Stop” Repair Couplings and Reducer Couplings. Inquire for other configurations.  
   Fast and Easy Installation
     • Slide & Tighten™ technology: The Philmac UTC® incorporates all the benefits of Philmac’s Slide & Tighten™ technology. Simply witness mark the pipe against the flange on the fitting, and then insert the pipe
to the correct depth. The nut can then be tightened using a wrench. The UTC® is fully installed when the nut can no longer be tightened with reasonable force.
     • No special tools are required and the Philmac UTC® is supplied ready to use.
     • Easy Disassembly: The design of the UTC® allows the pipe to be removed easily from the fitting once the nut is backed off.
   Complete Security
     • Dynamic Sealing Method: Tightening the nut compresses the seal into position. During assembly, the pipe does not have to engage the seal, so there is no risk of seal damage or roll outs.
               * Pipes at the top end of the fitting tolerance may incur minimum resistance.
     • No Loose Components: The Philmac UTC® is fully contained with no loose components. There is no need to disassemble and separately handle a loose split ring, seal ring, or nut. All that is required is the insertion of the pipe and tightening of the nut.
     • Approvals: The Philmac UTC® holds a number of potable water approvals including NSF in the USA. The fittings are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001:2000 Quality Endorsed status.
   High Performance Materials
     • Made from advanced thermoplastic materials: The Philmac UTC® is manufactured from lightweight, high
performance polypropylene and acetal with outstanding impact, UV, chemical, and corrosion resistance. The UTC® split ring contains hard stainless steel grippers which provide superior end load resistance. Seals are nitrile rubber.
   High Performance Materials
     • Rated to 200 PSI: The Philmac UTC® is pressure rated 200 psi at 73ºF and 150 psi at 100ºF to meet the needs of high pressure systems.
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