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ASTM Piping System

Vectus ASTM Pipes and Fittings (also known as uPVC pipes and fittings) are the most suitable, easy, and economical solution for the distribution of potable water. ASTM Pipes are technically superior, cost-effective, and offer many advantages over conventional G.I. piping systems. uPVC Pipes and fittings are very easy to install and functionally most suitable for cold water plumbing applications. This hygienic system is endowed with many good features. It is a value-added long term plumbing solution for the building industry, residential and offices.

These uPVC pipes and fittings are non-toxic and lead-free which makes them safe for carrying potable water. The jointing process for uPVC pipes/ASTM pipes and fittings is accomplished quickly and easily using inexpensive tools; hence, reducing labor and installation cost. Vectus uPVC pipes are manufactured as per ASTM D 1785 and uPVC fittings are manufactured as per ASTM D 2467 wherein, pipes are available in SCH 40 and SCH 80.

The available range of uPVC pipes and fittings varies from 15 mm to 100 mm with threaded and non-threaded options. uPVC Pipes are extremely resistant to chemicals, abrasion, and corrosion. They can bear pressure and hence do not break down under the toughest of conditions. Its internal smooth surface reduces friction and hence prevents internal rusting and also helps maintain the durability of the pipes. Moreover, due to its low thermal conductivity, it is very energy efficient.

Benefits of Vectus uPVC pipes and fittings -

Lightweight:- These pipes are also strong and ultra-light in weight which makes the overall handling and installation way too easy.

UV resistant:- uPVC pipes are made of UV-resistant materials and do not lose this property even after exposure to intense sunlight.

Simple and leak-proof joints:- Jointing of uPVC pipes and fittings can be done speedily with the special solvent cement supplied by the company which ensures 100% leak-proof joints.

Optimum flow rates:- Smooth inner surfaces of Vectus uPVC pipes ensure high flow rates and low frictional losses. This system is free from rusting and offers good resistance to scale formation.

Applications include-

  •  Cold water distribution in residential and commercial spaces
  • Carrying drinking/potable water or swimming pool water
  • Lead-Free Pipe: Vectus uPVC pipes and fittings are lead -free which makes them perfect for drinking water.
  • Strong and Light Weight: Vectus ASTM pipes are strong resilient and ultra-light in weight, which makes the handling and installation quite easy. Many are unaware that uPVC pipes are stronger than normal PVC pipes. uPVC pipes are more ductile which lets them enjoy a higher pressure bearing capacity than normal PVC pipes
  • Easy to install: Since uPVC pipes are comparatively lighter than steel pipes, they incur lower transportation costs and are easier to install. Solvent cement can be used for the formation of joints in the case of plain end pipes, while, threaded pipes don't need any solvent cement. The jointing process of Vectus uPVC pipes and fittings is accomplished quickly and easily using inexpensive tools. This greatly reduces labour and installation costs.
  • These pipes are free from any toxic substances & bad odor: They are unaffected by fungus or bacteria. They are eco-friendly and made of virgin un-plasticized polyvinyl compounds. Moreover, they are maintenance-free, making these pipes perfect for all kinds of cold water plumbing operations in residential and commercial buildings.
  • They are resistant to most chemicals, corrosion-proof, and can withstand the effects of exterior conditions. Owing to their strength and durability, it is easier for Vectus uPVC pipes to last longer than counterparts and thereby save the cost of replacement, in the long run
  • Vectus uPVC pipes do not support scaling even in hard water conditions and show good impact resistance.
  • Vectus uPVC pipes are fire-retardant, meaning that if the ignition source is withdrawn, they will stop burning.
  • Vectus ASTM pipes are widely used in drinking water supply lines, tube-wells, and downpipes, in discharge and sewer pipelines, in electrical installation, and even for the purpose of ventilation in bathrooms. That is how versatile these uPVC pipes and fittings are, which is a major reason behind their popularity.


Pipe SCH 40 Plain

Pipe SCH 80 Plain

Pipe SCH 80 Threaded

Ball Valve


Cross Tee

Elbow 45 Degree.

Elbow 90 Degree

End Cap

Equal Tee

Female Adapter Plastic Threaded FAPT

Female Adapter Brass Threaded Fabt

Female Elbow Brass Threaded FEBT

Male Adapter Brass Threaded MABT

Male Adapter Plastic Threaded MAPT

Pipe Clip

Reducer Coupler

Reducer Elbow

Reducing Bush

Reducer Tee

Tank Connection

Brass Tee


Solvent Cement

Transition Bush

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