Unions are very similar to couplings as they allow you to connect two pieces of pipe together. The benefit of unions vs couplings is that unions allow you to easily disconnect your pipes. Often, unions are called quick disconnect fittings. The socket ends on the union are glued to the pipe, then the union is threaded together.

Clear PVC Union Fittings have a smooth interior wall which allows maximum flow rate with minimal accumulation of residue and sediment. The clarity and smooth interior walls of the Clear PVC Unions make this fitting ideal for medical & hospital use, food & beverage processing, laboratory applications, chemical processing, electroplating and other applications that require visual monitoring and non-contaminating processes. PVC is non-toxic and resistant to bacterial growth. For sterilization it is safe to use ethylene oxide with PVC. Clear PVC is UL rate 94VO. Nominal temperature range is 33°F to 140°F.

* Be sure to read all manufacture specs and thoroughly test before placing pipe and fittings into production