Underground Compression Fittings

Underground Gas Compression Fittings


Underground gas compression fittings link pipes or tubes together in a gas or plumbing system. They offer a comparatively quick and easy solution when compared to soldered fittings, as no special tools or skills are required to operate. If a fitting is needed and the location requires disassembly for maintenance, the joints may be broken and assembled once again without damaging the connection. At EGW Water & Plumbing, we offer a great selection of underground gas compression fittings for gas line applications, including couplings, tees, elbows, and adapter fittings.


Polyethylene Pipe and Gas Compression Fittings

Polyethylene (PE) gas pipe is a cost effective and proven method for running underground gas lines from propane tanks and natural gas lines to indoor gas systems, as well as outdoor gas-fired equipment, including grills, hot tubs, and gas heaters. More than 90% of all gas pipe installed in the U.S. is polyethylene. Their long-term use is dependent upon maintaining surface integrity without a damaging incident. Connections for these lengthy gas lines can be made quickly and with less hassle when using our line of underground gas compression fittings.


Installation and Application

Our underground gas compression fittings make making connections easier than ever! Just cut your pipe and insert the included internal stiffener and tighten the nuts. There’s no need to chamfer the pipe—just smooth away any burrs. There’s nothing to assemble and they’re ready to use straight out of the package. You can use these state-of- the-art fittings with your choice of IPS yellow poly gas pipe that’s approved for use with natural gas and propane.


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