Slip Coupling to the Rescue

April 17, 2017

Have a Water Line Issue? Slip Coupling to the Rescue!

When you're having issues with your water lines, accessing and working on them can be difficult at best. How do you make the job easier and faster? One option to consider is a slip coupling. Designed to simply push into place on copper lines, these couplings don't require heat and can be installed in wet conditions that make soldering impossible. Here are some more details to get you started.

Why Use Slip Couplings in Your Repairs?

Slip couplings provide you with an easy repair option for your copper lines. When you have a limited amount of space to work in, slip couplings take up much less space during installation. This makes them much easier to access and install than compression fittings which require space for a wrench to turn the nut on the fitting. Because they require no heat to install, they're great for wet conditions when you need to make a in-line repair. This also makes them a great choice when you have gas or electrical lines running in close proximity to the water lines. When you're short on time, slip couplings simply slide into place, making them a fast but effective fix.

How Slip Couplings Install and Function

Slip couplings do need specific conditions for installation. The copper water lines must be round rather than flattened. The ends of the pipe will need to be cut square using a hacksaw or tubing cutter. If you do use a hacksaw, you may want to lightly buff the ends of the pipe with sandpaper to smooth any rough metal edges, which will ensure a good connection. The slip coupling is pushed onto one end of the pipe, then the other end needs to be pushed into place so that each end of the pipe is meeting approximately in the middle. Some people find it easier to pre-mark the pipe with permanent marker to the appropriate depth. Once the pipe is pushed into place, a stainless steel mechanism holds the pipes tightly in place.

The Benefits of Using Slip Couplings in Your Water Supply

When you need to get a repair done quickly on your copper water lines, slip couplings install in a matter of minutes. This makes it an excellent choice for repairs during the cold months and when you have multiple repairs to make in a short period of time. No special tools are required for slip coupling installation. Slip couplings are designed to provide dependable service for decades, with many high-quality brands featuring a 50-year warranty.

By following the basic instructions available in the package, you'll be able to easily install a slip coupling that will provide decades of reliable service. There are many areas where slip couplings make a great choice for your repair needs. When you need to make a fast, easy repair in an enclosed space, slip couplings can help you get the job done right.

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