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Things You Should Know About Ceramic Slurry Pumps

Apr. 16, 2022

Ceramic slurry pump is a kind of ceramic slurry pump, which can be optional rubber slurry pump, metal slurry pump and so on. The main material of ceramic slurry pump is silicon carbide. Different manufacturers have different processes, mainly resin bonded silicon carbide and sintered silicon carbide.


Applications of ceramic slurry pump:

SiC Ceramic Slurry Pump is suitable for mining, metallurgy, coal power plant, chemical industry, etc. It can withstand larger solids and is used for slurries with high weight concentrations - 60% of ore slurry and 45% of mortar. It can work well in locations such as ball mill pumps in mining.

Ceramic Slurry Pump

Features of ceramic slurry pump

The existing slurry pump wet end materials are mainly A49, A33, Cr30, A05, A07, duplex stainless steel, rubber R55, etc. Either good corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, or good wear resistance, good wear resistance. Corrosion resistance. Ceramic pumps can basically resist all acid and alkali corrosion and have excellent wear resistance. However, if the process can not be achieved, the ceramic worm shell is easily broken when transported under the impact of large particles and media.


Ceramic pumps vs. metal and rubber pumps.

The biggest feature of ceramic slurry pump is that it is both wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and its performance is much higher than that of alloy pump and rubber pump.


Silicon Carbide ceramic pump is very suitable for power plant, coal mine, metal concentrator as the cyclone feeding pump, concentrate transport, tailings transport and other working conditions, but also can be used in chemical industry and other fields with abrasion and corrosion.


After years of repeated tests and data feedback from metal beneficiation plants, under the same working conditions, ceramic slurry pump service life is generally 3-6 times that of high chrome alloy pump, and the price of silicon carbide material is lower than high chrome steel, duplex steel, etc., so that the ceramic slurry pump also has a great economic advantage over first-class alloy in raw material prices.

SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts     

1. Corrosion resistance

Unlike metal pumps, the wet end parts of ceramic pumps (impeller, throat liner, frame plate bushing, worm shell) are mainly composed of silicon carbide inorganic non-metallic materials, which have excellent acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance.


2. Wear resistance

The wet end parts of slurry pump will produce corresponding wear when conveying the medium containing solid particles. The crystal structure of silicon carbide is similar to diamond tetrahedra. It is a compound bonded mainly by covalent bonds. Its hardness is second only to diamond.


SIC Ceramic Slurry Pump Parts

3. Heat resistance

Since the material is not easily deformed or corroded by heat, the ceramic slurry pump was tested by MST and placed in a liquid with a maximum temperature of 120°C for 7 days. For general working conditions below 60℃, silicon carbide ceramics can fully satisfy.


4. Anti-vibration

The impact strength of silicon carbide ceramics treated by special process can reach 80 times of ordinary ceramics, which can be used for slurry pumps with solid particles.


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