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Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

Definition - What does Wireline Pressure Control Equipment mean?

Wireline Pressure Control Equipment is a set of tools and devices that are used to contain the wellbore pressure during wireline operations. Wireline is an electrical cable that is used to lower the equipment and tools or the measurement devices into the well during well intervention, and transmit data about the condition of wellbore for wireline logging. The wireline pressure control assembly should have a working pressure more than the expected maximum well pressure.

Petropedia explains Wireline Pressure Control Equipment

During well workover and intervention processes, it is important to ensure that the pressure that builds up in the wellbore is controlled. There are various equipment that are collectively referred to as wireline pressure control equipment because they help in controlling and maintaining the fluid pressure inside the wellbore whenever any well workover and intervention processes are being conducted.

Wireline pressure control equipment usually has some type of valve mechanism and these valves can be either

  • Wireline valves;
  • Compact hydraulic wireline valves;
  • Wireline valve equalizing system; or
  • Wireline valve Ram configurations.

The manufacturing of all such equipment is done as per the international recommended standards and must meet certain specs such as that of API 6A. Similarly, the pressure rating for all these products also varies and ranges between 3000 psi - 20,000 psi.

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