Heatsink aluminium extrusion profiles

Heatsink aluminium extrusion profiles


Heatsink aluminium extrusion profiles

Extruded aluminum heatsinks are the most popular type of heatsink due to their low cost and fast to market turn-around.

This type of heatsink is available in either standardized versions, or custom built to your specifications. During the manufacturing process, an aluminum block is either pushed or drawn (extruded) through a die to create either a straight or cross-cut finished heatsink. This extrusion process allows for complex fin designs to be created. As a result, we can provide a wide range of convection cooling characteristics suitable for high power components.

Custom Aluminum Extrusion Heatsinks

Extruded heatsinks can be made in a wide variety of shapes. Each process is designed to fulfill a different need. If you are not sure which is the right choice for your company, our experts can show you the benefits of each process to help you determine which aluminum heat sink extrusion will work best for your needs.

Advantages of Extruded Aluminum Heatsinks include:

  • High fin density can provide improved cooling performance
  • Lighter weight than copper
  • More efficient than stamped heat sinks
  • Low cost vs. machined assemblies
  • Wide variety of different designs can be customized
  • Flat backs useful for components such as power modules
  • Unique shapes geared for use in electronic power assemblies

These complex fin profiles allow greater heat dissipation through increased surface area while eliminating the cost and time associated with machining an equivalent shape from block aluminum. A simple call or e-mail will put you in touch with one of our experts.






heatsink extrusion profiles