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Whether it's virgin resin or recycled materials, single or dual-wall, perforated or socked, England's HDPE pipe offerings come in a wide array of diameters, meeting all your site's drainage demands.   

We exclusively sell ADS for our customers.  ADS is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, durable products built to provide you with innovative stormwater management solutions. From pipes, fittings, chambers and basins, we continually enhance our product to advance the world’s water infrastructure.

Our fully stocked pipe and fittings yard in West Nashville will help save time in purchasing, budgeting and availability.  We offer pick up or regional delivery, allowing England Supply to get you what you need in a timely and cost-effective package. 


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Single or Dual Wall

From highway pipe which provides strength and structural design in a lightweight installation to economical easy-to-install drainage & turf pipe, we offer 3"-24" diameters in varying lengths and coils in solid, perforated, slotted and socked styles.

Dual Wall N-12

ADS Dual Wall N-12 drainage pipe, available with multiple joining systems, provides corrugated-pipe strength and smooth interior wall hydraulics for increased flow capacity, in a lifetime package.


We offer the industry's most complete selection of joining systems for gravity-flow pipe with soil or water tight performance.

Whether you want help designing a StormTech® chamber system for a detention application or you’re interested in a fitting for a pipe, we have what you need for your project.  Give us a call and to easily configure your project. 

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