What is the type of pipe tees?

Tees of steel pipe fittings

Tee is one kind of pipe fitting which is used for dividing main flow to two streams or combining flow from two streams.The shape of a pipe tee is like the English letter “T”,so we call it Tee.

The main pipe of a Tee is often called main pipe or run pipe and the other as branch.Branch diameter could be smaller or same with the run pipe commonly.If the branch is same with the run pipe,the tee is equal tees,or else it is unequal tee or reducing tee.Tees standards are normally designed based on ASME/ANSI B16.9 or ASME/ANSI B16.11.Tees are normally produced by forging or welding.

According to the type of end connections,tees are classified as follows:socket welded tees,threaded tees,butt welding tees,flanged tees.

Socket Welded Tees:


These tees are usually forged and used up to 2″ run size on services for socket welded connections,the standard of socket weld steel tees is ASME B16.11,the material standards including rating are same as the requirements of other socket welded pipe fittings.

Threaded Tees:


The threaded tees are in same standard ASME B16.11,the ends is thread type,other dimensions,rating and materials are same as socket welded tees.

Butt welding pipe tees:


The dimensional standard for the butt welding pipe tees is ASME/ANSI B16.9, these are available from 1/2″ through 48″,including the equal tee and reducing tee.

Reducing tees are available having branches up to one size lower than half run pipe size.For example,if run size is 6″,reducing tees are available in sizes 6″x5″, 6″×4″,6″×3″&6″× 2 1/2″.

Applicable Pressure temperature rating and material standards are same as those for other butt welding pipe fittings.Butt welding tees are usually used for size 1/2″ to 48″.

Flanged Pipe Tees:


These tees are used in the flanged end connections in normal large bore pressure piping.Commonly it is a butt welding pipe tee with three flanges welded.The ASME B 31.3 (Appendix D) provides formula for calculating information for reference.

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