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Smart Joint is the manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe &fittings,hdpe flange adapter with backup ring and fusion machinery which are sold world widely through our distribution partners since 1992. We are a fully-fledged ISO certified company. With more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing hdpe flange adapter with backup ring, Smart Joint has the know-how in polyethylene systems and is dedicated to focusing on the future and current technology. With full lines of hdpe flange adapter with backup ring products, innovative R&D team Smart Joint are keen to be your one-stop factory for HDPE fittings, fusion machines and other special requirement.With new market development, smart joint developped new products PERT II pipe and fittings, PPR/PPH fittings,hdpe flange adapter with backup ring, PP compression fittings for irrigation, and outsource some related products such as backing ring, valve, pump ect for customers.

Fittings Flange Adapters & Back-Up Rings

Designed for transitioning to and from Non-HDPE piping systems

Flange Adapters & Back Up Rings - Iron Pipe Size

PE 3408/4710 IPS Flange Adapters & Back Up Rings
ASTM D3350, AWWA C906, ASTM D2361

When joining to metal or to certain other piping materials, or if a PE pipe section capable of disassembly is required, PE flange adapters or stub-ends are available. These items are designed so that one end matches the PE pipe for a butt fusion connection. The opposite end contains a flange that provides structural support, eliminating the need for a stiffener and, with the addition of a metal back-up ring, permits bolting to a similar flanged end connection to another pipe, of various possible materials. Flange adapters differ from stub-ends by their overall length. A flange adapter is longer, allowing it to be clamped in a fusion machine similar to a pipe end. 

Fused Manifold Assembly with Flange Adapters and Back Up Rings

Flange adapters not requiring fusion to the PE pipe are also available. This fitting combines a flange connection at one end with a mechanical bolt type coupling to the PE pipe at the other end, at which a stiffener is required. Mechanical flange adapters may or may not include a self-restraint to provide restraint against pipe pullout as part of the design.

hdpe flange adapter with backup ring

full face stub end

Full Electrofusion Saddle

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Syphonic Flange Adaptor

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Compression Flange Adaptor

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Threaded Adaptor

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ASTM MJ Adaptor

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