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PLASSON provides a wide range of solutions for connecting PE pipe. PLASSON's products can be found in municipal water distribution systems, gas conveyance systems, industrial fluids transfer and wastewater systems and mines in over 80 countries around the world.



Quality Mechanical Compression & ElectroFusion Fittings & Valves, in an extensive range of sizes and configurations designed for high pressures, up to 16 bar.

<Gas Conveyance

A wide range of ElectroFusion Fittings, Accessories & Controllers, including safety devices such as the Excess Flow Valve and the innovative Tapping Saddle, for laying new pipe networks and renovating existing gas systems.

<Wastewater Systems

For use with PE pipe in leak free Wastewater Systems, Gravity Sewers, Vacuum Sewers The PLASSON Wastewater System is completely watertight and PLASSON welding systems with automatic welding controls and data recording are available if required.

<Landscape Irrigation

PLASSON's Irrifit Fittings, in sizes 16-32mm, have been developed to work without an o-ring and are the simplest and most economical products for landscape irrigation.


Mechanical Compression Fittings, featuring ease of installation, very good chemical & corrosion resistance properties and the strength of connection. PLASSON's simple installation process is a clear advantage in the 63mm & above size range, fittings that are widely used in the mining industry.


PLASSON PlassCom fittings are designed specially for PE cable ducts offering innovative features dedicated to the specific needs of cable duct installations. The transparent body assures that the PE pipe has reached the pipe stop and the cable has passed through.

<Industrial Fluids Transfer

A large variety of Mechanical Compression, ElectroFusion and PVC Fittings & Valves, very well suited and corrosion resistant making them well suited for demanding applications in industrial fluid transport.


PLASSON's Line 14 Compression Fittings are specially designed for joining polyethylene pipes with a working pressure of up to 10bar, available in sizes 20-110.

<Hot Water Conveyance

PLASSON's new and innovative fitting line, Pex2Pex™, crosslinked PE ElectroFusion fittings have been designed to connect PEX pipes in applications where elevated temperatures exist.


PLASSON 2020 ASTM Catalogue is now available in the PDF Catalogues tab
Electrofusion tooling catalogue
Electrofusion tooling catalogue with QR Codes now available in the PDF Catalogues tab
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