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Stainless Steel Flange Manufacturer

SSI is the market-leading stainless steel flange manufacturer. We are manufacturers of high density sintered stainless steel exhaust pipe parts with the powder metal process. Our stainless steel flanges function as low cost connecting devices within automotive hot end exhaust systems.

  • The powder metal process offers far greater design flexibility than traditional stamping or fine blanking processes do

  • The powder metal process offers much lower costs than alternative forging or cast and machine processes do

  • Dedicated focused factory and support staff ensures maximum performance at the lowest cost

  • Excellent performance relative to weldability, fatigue, oxidation, thermal and corrosion resistance

  • SSI has published multiple industry specific technical papers and received several significant customer awards

  • Material grades include 409, 409LNi, 430, and 434 at 7.2 g/cm3 minimum density and 304 at 7.0 g/cm3 minimum density and 309L at 7.3 g/cm3 minimum density

  • We provide global technical sales support

  • Our application experience in creating custom flanges dates all the way back to 1996

Marmon and V-Ring Flange

Marmon and V-Ring Flange

  • A combination of powder metal molding and secondary machining processes is often the most cost competitive method for manufacturing stainless steel Marmon flanges
  • These designs provide for serviceable joints in the exhaust, DPF, and turbo automotive systems
Typical Automotive Flange

Typical Automotive Flange

  • Powder Metal allows the OEM designer the ability to create features at a lower cost than competing technologies.
    • Gasket grooves and steps
    • Weld hubs and counter-bores
    • Contoured face features
  • Our leading processing methods provide the high density stainless steel properties required for automotive exhaust system applications


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