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RV Sewer Hose Fittings Explained

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By Kelly Beasley

Published: August 31, 2021

Last Updated: October 19, 2021

If you have a butthole, and we hope you do, you need a toilet (heh). Your RV likely comes with a traditional RV toilet. Unlesss you have a composting toilet, you have waste tanks to empty!

And to do that, you need the best RV sewer hose and RV sewer hose fittings to get that waste out of your tanks and into a dump station.

In addition to needing a hose, there are RV sewer connectors and fittings you need to get the job done easier and WITHOUT spillage.

Because there are so many different RV sewer connections, fitting, and adapters, let's learn about them and figure out which RV sewer fittings you need.

RV Sewer Hose Fittings In Brief

There are numerous types of RV sewer hose fittings and RV sewer connectors. Most RV waste fittings have a particular job and are extremely helpful in NOT having any sewage spills. Others make the job easier.

The sewer hose itself is a necessity. However, depending on whether you are constantly moving or stationary, there are other RV drain hose fittings that help you get the stinky job done.

Some RV sewer hose ends are clear adapters allow you to see when your tank is empty, others keep the smell at bay, end caps keep any lingering sewage inside the hose, and there are different options for other jobs.

Let's see what you do and don't need when it comes to RV sewer pipe fittings.

Clear RV Sewer Elbow

A clear RV sewer elbow is used at either end of the RV sewer hose and comes in a 90-degree and a 45-degree option. An RV sewer elbow serves two functions:

  1. The elbow itself allows for the hose to angle down at the RVs sewer outlet, pointing it towards the ground. Typically this would be the 45-degree sewer elbow. A 90-degree RV sewer hose elbow is also used on the end of the hose that goes into the ground sewer hole, making the 'turn' from parallel to the ground to straight down into the sewer hole.
  2. The clear RV dump elbow allows you to watch the flow of waste, letting you know when the tank is empty.



It's nice to have a 90-degree RV sewer hose adapter elbow for the dump station end and a 45-degree one (or straight - see next section) to connect to the RV sewer outlet.

Some sewer hoses come with a 90-degree elbow, and others do not.

Clear RV Sewer Hose Adapter

A clear RV sewer hose adapter is an attachment for your drain hose that allows you to see when the tank is empty.

There are three different versions of clear RV sewer fittings you can purchase:

  • Straight
  • 45-degree
  • 90-degree

The clear RV sewer connection fits on either end of your hose, therefore connecting the hose to the RV, or the end to the dump station.

It may seem gross, but without it, it's hard to tell when your tank is empty.

On top of that, some people like the satisfaction of seeing 'bits' come out when they are draining their holding tanks. I know, I know, GROSS!

But you know what?

I'm one of those weirdos that has (and likes) my clear RV sewer hose adapter. You might be, too!

Hose with built-in clear section so you can see the flow

You will quickly become a member of one of two teams. 

  • It will either seem super gross to you/unimaginable to have.
  • You may feel strangely satisfied watching the contents drain out.

Whichever team you join, you'd be surprised to see how long it takes for your tanks to be truly empty. Without a hose with a clear section built-in, or one of the below clear RV sewer fittings, you won't really ever know when you are done emptying your tanks.

Just remember to remove the clear connection once you are done draining your tanks. They are not meant to be kept on your RV permanently.

Valterra 5" Straight Clearview Adapter

This 5-inch straight clear RV sewer connection mounts to the end of your camper's waste drain tube. Your drain hose then attaches to the other end. The clear section allows you to view the contents of your black and gray tank as they drain.

Valterra 45 Degree Clearview Adapter

This 45-degree clear RV sewer fitting is often used to angle your drain hose down towards the ground, while letting you see the contents of the tank emptying. It is connected directly to the RV's drain pipe.

Valterra 90 Degree Clearview Adapter

This 90-degree clear RV sewer elbow can mount to the end of your waste drain tube if you have a lot of ground clearance (you won't be able to attach the hose if insufficient clearance). Otherwise, it can go on the end of the drain hose that goes into the sewer dump, if your hose doesn't come with a sewer elbow already.

RV Sewer Cap

What is an RV sewer cap? It's a plastic cap that attaches to your waste tank outlet via the bayonet fittings. It keeps critters out and closes your camper's sewer opening when not in use.

Be careful- if you fail to COMPLETELY close the valves to either your grey tank or black tank, liquids will seep through.

If that happens, opening your RV waste valve cap comes with a huge unwelcome type of gushing surprise! (I've done it more than once.)

These caps often come with a tether to attach to your pipe. You might hear the RV sewer cap tap along the pavement if you forget to re-connect it to the drain pipe.

If this happens, the cap may break away while you are driving down the road. Luckily, they are cheap and replaceable.

RV Sewer Donut

What is a sewer donut? An RV sewer hose donut is a round rubber seal shaped like a donut (thus the name). It makes for a snug connection, effectively stopping odors from escaping from the connection between the sewer hose and the campground sewer hole.

Some campgrounds require you to have and use this RV sewer seal. It looks and sounds funny, but without it, often there are gaps. With gaps, you get odors.

The sewer donut provides a tighter seal so odors cannot escape. Nobody wants to smell their sewage, and especially not anyone else's. Sewage odors can be an issue when you are at a full hookup campsite and leave your hose connected to the ground sewer hole.

How do you use a sewer donut?

To use an RV sewer donut, insert the sewer collar into the ground sewer hole.

Insert the end of your sewer hose into the camper sewer donut so that a seal is formed. Boom, you're ready to go!

Wye Sewer Connection

A 'Y' sewer connection for RVs is a Y-shaped RV sewer hose coupler that allows you to dump from two different tanks into one ground sewer dump simultaneously.

With it, you can dump both tanks at the same time.

The RV sewer Y connector is handy for campers with two separate tank outlets coming from the RV. This is typical when a rig has two separate gray water holding tanks, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom.

If you only have one dump inlet at your camping spot (most only have one), then this RV sewer hose Y connector allows you to dump both at the same time. This prevents you having to continuously change out which drain hose is hooked up to the ground dump connector.

Camco Sewer Hose Adapter

The connection between your waste hose and the sewer drain is critical to ensure your RV's waste water makes it into the right place without spilling everywhere.

That said, sometimes the sewer drain opening isn't user-friendly. 

It may be at a weird angle or the threads are messed up and don't allow for the sewer hose adapter to screw into it.

As a result, you have a bad seal that lets odors out and has the potential for a nasty spill.

The Camco sewer hose adapter solves the problem of making a secure, tight connection with a less than cooperative sewer drain.

See the below video to learn why you might need this RV sewer adapter.

RV Sewer To PVC Adapter

An RV sewer to PVC adapter allows you to attach a PVC pipe to the RV instead of a sewer hose, or to extend the camper's sewer outlet using rigid PVC pipe.

Choose Adapter

This is useful for those who don't intend to move their RV ever or very often. A PVC sewer pipe is less likely to spring a leak or to deteriorate from the sun than a traditional sewer hose.

It's a much more hardy and permanent way to connect an RV camper to the sewer.

There are different styles of PVC adapters, depending on how you plan on using them. They are equipped with either female and male bayonet fittings, and some of these come with threads on the PVC end, while others are smooth and may be cemented to the PVC pipe.

Sewer Fitting Wrench

One big reason I bought the Lippert Waste Master hose was for its cam-lock design of attachment to the RV sewer outlet.

Trying to twist on a bayonet style hose while squatting almost always threw out my back or challenged my wrist/arm strength.

What I didn't know about was that there was a product that helped one twist traditional hoses on and off. What a concept!

This tool helps anyone attach and remove their traditional hose from their RV.


There are many RV sewer connection parts out there for you to choose from. Depending on your needs and how your camper is setup, you may need some or none of these RV sewer accessories.

At the most basic level, all you need is a dump hose that comes with RV sewer hose ends (bayonet fittings). One end connects to the RV sewer outlet and the other end to the dump station.

Anything on top of that is extra (which you may or may not need). Some dump hoses come with everything you need, while more basic options will need some of the above RV hose fittings.

Figure out what you need, and you're on your way to hoping to god you never have a spill at a dump station.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Sewer Elbow?

A sewer elbow is a RV sewer connector that changes the angle that the dump hose is pointing. They come in 45 and 90-degree options, with the 45-degree one typically being used at the RV's sewer outlet end and the 90-degree elbow being used at the end of the hose that goes into the ground sewer outlet. RV sewer elbows typically are clear so that you can observe the flow of waste water, therefore knowing when a tank is empty.

What Is A Sewer Donut For A Camper?

A sewer donut for an RV is simply a round, donut shaped piece of rubber that acts as a seal between the sewer hose and the ground sewer hole. This RV sewer collar prevents sewage odors from escaping when dumping your camper's waste tanks.

What Size Is RV Sewer Pipe?

The size of an RV sewer pipe is 3 inches. All RVs come from the manufacturer with this universal sewer pipe opening size.

How Do I Connect My RV Sewer Hose To PVC Pipe?

You can easily connect your RV sewer hose to PVC pipe by purchasing the correct adapter (above). Adapters come in a variety of configurations and ways to attach to PVC pipe. Find the adapter you need to fit your setup, install it, and have a rigid sewer connection from your RV to the ground dump station.

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