When someone thinks about the uses for wire mesh, window screens or the heavy metal screen you use on the fireplace comes to mind.  However, there are so many uses for wire mesh, including separating or filtering gases, liquids, and solids.  In fact, these days, we can make stainless steel mesh so small, that it can actually separate liquids and gasses.

We offer a stainless-steel mesh that is so small, it has the ability to filter things as tiny as two microns. How small is that? A micron, also known as a micrometer, is one thousandth of a millimeter and one millionth of a meter. Just to give you a sense of proportion, a human hair is around 40 microns wide! A micron isn’t even something you can see with the naked eye. Yet our stainless-steel mesh can catch things that small!

316L stainless steel wire mesh screen is a good choice because it is resistant to pitting by solutions containing chloride ions, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and brine solutions. This is a great option for any business that needs to filter gases, liquids, and solids. 316 SS, 316L SS wire mesh screen is also used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, medical, refining, power plant, aircraft, photographic, textile, paper equipment and strainers.

The screen can be produced to be customized for your business needs. From industrial to commercial applications, wire mesh is a common metal product that is used by many daily.  Also there are options for types of metals for your wire mesh filter screen, including:

  • Aluminum wire mesh
  • Copper wire mesh
  • Brass wire mesh
  • Bronze wire mesh
  • Stainless steel wire mesh

Contact us today and we are happy to recommend the right stainless-steel mesh to meet your needs.