WZ5005E Step Down Power Supply Module Buck Voltage Converter DC-DC 8A 250W 5A Programmable with 1.44in TFT LCD Display

sku: 1747634
Shipping from: China
A Normol VersionB USB VersionC RS485 versionManual Click here to open Software download here 1 Description WZ 5005E is a multi function Step Down Power Supply Module Its main function is to output voltage as a constant voltage constant current source It can be used to test the discharge time and discharge capacitance of the input voltage It uses a 1 44 inch high definition LCD liquid crystal display and the content is displayed on multiple screens Output voltage 0 50 00V adjustable and the output current is adjustable from 0 5 000A This version supports read data and set parameter on PC Users can realize remote setting and reading data 2 Features 1 Constant Voltage Constant Current output2 1 44in High definition LCD screen display3 250W High power output4 50V high voltage output5 5A maximum current output6 Multiple display pages7 Support over voltage protection8 Support over current protection9 Support over power protection10 Support under voltage protection11 Support input reverse protection12 Support 10 sets of data storage function13 Parameter super high display resolution14 Support over time protection15 Support over capacity protection16 Support over energy protection17 Multiple parameters are displayed simultaneously18 Support power down memory function19 Backlight brightness can be set20 Exquisite shell21 Support PC set and read parameters3 Parameters 1 Product
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