Plas-Fit Compression Fittings for PE

IG Metric Compression fittings for  Polyethylene Pipe
20 mm to 63 mm - 16 Bar - 1600 kpa (230psi)
75mm to 110mm - 10 Bar - 1000 Kpa (145psi)
For use with MDPE pipes that comply with AS/NZS 4130
Connect to metal and plastic accessories with BSPT threads
Made from top quality raw materials approved for drinking water
Allow easy and and quick mounting without loss of parts
Are unbreakable and corrosion-resistant and resistant to most chemicals
Stand up to tough working conditions, pipe bending and pulling
Comply with International standards. IG irrigation compression fittings can be used  to join PE pipes according to the following satndarts ISO4427, EN12201 and DIN8074setup. Easy and quick coupling eliminating loss of parts, full dismantling is not a must. Best solution for irrigation systems. passon and plassim fittings are also available.