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15mm x 8mm Copper Solder Ring Fitting Reducer

Brand: MasterFlow
Product Code: 39YP6015008
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15mm x 8mm Copper Solder Ring Straight Fitting Reducer - View Datasheet

Manufactured from high quality copper

Conforms to the BS EN 1254-1:1998 standard for copper soldering fittings

Embedded ring of lead-free solder conforming to ISO 9453, previously EN 29453

WRAS approved

Used to create a reduction across a fitting

Suitable for hot and cold potable water as well as heating and chilled water

Suitable for use with copper pipe and tube to BS EN 1057

Marked for traceability

Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar (PN16) at up to 30°C

Operating temperature range: 0°C - 110°C

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