Cementing Tools:

How it works

Using a ball drop mechanism, the Hydrawell Spray Cementing Valve™ is activated, and combined with the HydraArchimedes™ tool enable placing plugging material in the entire cross section of a single or multiple annuli, and hence, establishing a proper barrier in the well for P&A or sidetrack purposes.


HydraWell Spray Cementing Valve™

Why HydraWell Cementing Tools?

Key Features

  • One trip plugging system
  • No milling required
  • Simple design and operation
  • Ideal for cementing single, multiple annuli and balanced cement plugs
  • Available for all casing sizes
  • Closes with a spring loaded piston when racking back stands on surface


After washing the perforated area with the HydraWash™ tool or jetting the perforated area with the HydraHemera™ Jetting tool, a ball drop activates the cementing nozzles in the Hydrawell Spray Cementing Valve™, which feature flow area optimized for cement.

Cement is pumped while pulling and rotating the assembly, and the cement is placed efficiently into the intermediate (and outer annuli, if utilizing the tool for multiple annuli) utilizing the HydraArchimedes™ tool.

When pumped and pulled for one stand, the Hydrawell Spray Cement Valve™ is closed, keeping the remainder of the plugging material inside the work string until the next section of the perforated interval is ready to be cemented. Continuing pumping and pulling will force open the spring loaded piston, and more plugging material will exit the nozzles and complete the cement operation.


HydraWell Cementing Tool Product Report 2019 3D


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