Associated Fastening Products, Inc., we are a leading provider of stock and custom brass fittings to the OEM market. Over the past 25 years, we have grown and thrived by supplying premium quality products and an exceptional level of service. We operate a state-of-the-art production facility and use modern manufacturing and quality control methods to create dimensionally accurate brass fittings in thousands of configurations. In addition to stock items, we manufacture custom products that meet your exact specifications.

Our brass fittings are characterized by their reliability, durability, and longevity. Using high quality, certified materials, we manufacture almost any type of valve, tubing, and hose fitting for industrial, commercial, or consumer application. Our flexible manufacturing methods allow us to manage jobs of any size and complexity and deliver products on time as promised. We have a comprehensive quality management program that incorporates statistical process control methods as well as physical tests and inspections. All of our processes are lot controlled for full traceability.

Our service portfolio includes more than just supplying you with high quality parts. Along with special packaging and poly bagging services, we offer stock and release programs and vendor managed inventory services. Whether you need a handful of items or a large run of one million pieces, we are positioned to manage it for you. Our strong team of customer service professionals keeps you continually up-to-date on all production and order statuses.

For more information about our standard and custom line of quality brass fittings, contact us today.

Brass Fittings Capabilities


Brass Fittings


45° Flare Fittings
Compression Fittings
Poly-Grasp “Brass” Fitting For Poly Tubing
Brass Pipe Fittings
Nylon Pipe Fitting
Brass Garden Hose Fitting
Brass/Nylon Barb Fittings
Hose Ball Barb Brass Fitting – Single Ball Barb Type
Poly-Hold Brass Fittings
Welding Multi-Barb – Brass Hose Gas

P.O.L. Brass Fittings For Bottled Bass
Inverted Flare Brass Fittings
Compression Brass Fitting For Air Brakes
Air Brakes Brass Fittings Or ‘Copper Tube’
Inserts For Plastic Tubing
Truck Air Brake Reusable Hose Brass Fittings
Air Accessories Dot Brass Fittings
Steel Heater Fittings
Steel Brake Lines
Hydraulic Grease Fittings


Brass Air Cocks 80 Psi Satin Finish
Brass Truck Valve / Oil Tank Valves
Needle Valves Compression
Ball Valves
Brass Shut-Off Cocks Compression / Flared

Brass Pipe Shut-Off Valves
Brass Drain Cocks / Automotive – Industrial
Truck Air Brake Drain & Shut-Off Cocks Brass
Brass & Steel Truck Heater Valves
Brass Saddle Tank Truck Valves


Soft Automotive Copper Tubing
Soft Refrigeration Copper Tubing
Soft Truck Air Brake Copper Tubing

Soft Aluminum Tubing
Steel Brake Tubing
Plastic Tubing – Nylon / Polyethylene / Vinyl


Stay Put Hose
General Purpose 2 Ply Red Cover Rubber Hose
Air Brake Hose

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Statistical Process Control (SPC)

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