Aluminum Foil Embossed Cards

Aluminum Foil Embossed Cards Tutorial

Aluminum Foil Looks Great Embossed

Aluminum foil lends itself well to embossing. You can simply adhere embossed aluminum foil to a card, but there are also numerous ways to make it more colorful.


  • Aluminum Foil torn into sheets that are as large or larger than your cardstock
  • Cardstock or other thick paper cut into pieces that will fit your embossing machine and folder
  • Embossing machine or a rolling pin if you don’t have a machine
  • Glue Stick, roll-on adhesive, or double-sided tape
  • Blank cards
  • Sharpies or other permanent marks
  • (Optional) Pretty paper
  • (Optional) Washi Tape
  • (Optional) Fabric scraps


Embossing the Foil

Wrap the aluminum foil around the cardstock and fold over the edges. For most embossing folders it doesn’t matter if there are a few wrinkles. Place the aluminum foiled cardstock in your embossing folder and create your sandwich with your embossing plates and, if necessary shiv. Run it through your machine. Remove the embossed aluminum cardstock from its folder.

Creating the Cards

Use your sharpies, in this case red and green, to color part of the pattern. Then attach it to your card with roll-on adhesive, a glue stick, or double-sided tape.

Aluminum Foil Embossed Cards Tutorial

For the second card, I used a gold sharpie to color the design. Then I used double-sided tape to tape it to some black cardstock. Finally, I used a glue stick to adhere the back cardstock to the card.

Aluminum Foil Embossed Cards Tutorial

I used several shades of red and brown watercolors for this card and allowed some of the aluminum foil to show in the gaps. It looked stark against the card so I added some ripped tea bags and adhered them to the card with a glue stick. Finally, I attached the painted aluminum foil with double-sided tape so it overlapped the tea bags.

I used the same layout as I had with the tea bags only this time I used a strip of washi tape and a fabric scrap.

Aluminum Foil Embossed Cards Tutorial

Start by attaching your pretty paper your card. I used a piece of origami paper. The attached your embossed aluminum foil to the card. I used double-sided tape. Finally, I added a strip of washi tape.

Aluminum Foil Embossed Cards Tutorial

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