Rotary Control Valves

K-Max Rotary Control Valves

1 - 8" Valve Sizes

Cv Range: 0.25 - 800

ANSI 150 - 600

End Conn.: RFF, Wafer

Body Mat'l: WCB, CF8M, Exotic Alloys

Installation, Operation and Maintance Information

The Leslie K-Max is designed and engineered to handle nearly all industrial process control requirements. For over 15 years, the K-Max has been in successful service in thousands of applications worldwide including high and low pressure steam, clean, dirty, and corrosive liquids and gases, and erosive and abrasive slurries.

Superior Features

Other features include reduced port trim options, class V shutoff option, Alloy 6 trim hardening option, bi-directional flow capability (while maintaining shut-off class in either direction), and triple bearing large diameter precision splined shaft for tortional and flexural rigidity with excellent radial support.

Greater Efficiency

Efficient straight-through flow design allows for a much lower cost per Cv than conventional globe style valves with the same degree of quality people have come to expect from Leslie.