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TUBOMART is a Chinese PEX fittings manufacturer and supplier, specializing in the development, research, and manufacture of PEX pipe fittings, PEX connectors. We provide the most extensive collection of high-quality crimp, compression, expansion, push and press fitting and more PEX connector solutions.

Our diverse collection of durable PEX plumbing fittings have enabled us to stay relevant and outshine our competitors. Don,t miss out on our top-notch PEX plumbing fitting, reach out to us and request a free quote.

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What Is A PEX Fitting?

PEX fittings are mechanical unions used to establish links between PEX tubing and PEX tubing, PEX tubing to copper tubings, PEX tubing to faucets&fixtures, and PEX tubing to manifolds. Our PEX fittings are jagged at one or more ends and may have a female or male pipe thread or compression fitting at the extreme side to function as adapters. 

At TUBOMART, we provide a variety of PEX plumbing fittings and connectors constructed of brass or poly (plastic), although they can also be made of stainless steel or bronze for extremely corrosive applications.

Applications of PEX Fittings

Our PEX fittings are popular for many applications since they are readily accessible and the most economical. These fittings are widely used in:

  • Water conveyance
  • Baseboard and fan coil delivery systems
  • Hydronic radiant heating
  • Radiant cooling systems
  • Snow melting and permafrost protection systems
  • Home fire sprinkling systems.
  • They are also used in a variety of industrial and food and beverage applications.


Advantages of PEX Fittings

If you’re weighing your options for pipe connectors, here are some of the benefits of utilizing TUBOMART PEX fittings. Here are some highlights:

  • Quick to learn and install
  • Reasonably affordable pricing.
  • Tools and supplies are widely accessible at a range of merchants.
  • Most of them are simple to disassemble (in the event that the installer has to remove the fitting). 
  • Push fittings do not require any special equipment to fit
  • They have no concerns with temperatures fluctuations, hence allowing for a greater system flow.
  • Expansion fittings optimize the shape memory of PEX (ring and pipe are always pressing down onto the fitting)

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