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Press Fitting vs. Solder

Time, Safety & Reliability

Your time is money. Jobs and bids depend on your quotes and your schedule. Press fittings can prove efficient, but are they right for your business?


Press Fittings

  • Faster installation – take 95% less time to connect than traditional soldering
  • No drying, less prep – work on wet, damp and dry pipes with less cleaning
  • Less training – no flux, torch, gas or soldering experience required


  • Low cost – press fittings and materials, especially the hydraulic tool, cost more
  • Knowledge and knowhow – the practiced professional delivers reliable results and that practice comes from sweating valves


Press Fittings

  • No fire hazard – gas tanks, fire extinguishers and open flame permits are not required
  • No fumes or emissions – work enclosed spaces without respirators


  • Proper technique is safe – sweating a pipe properly includes obtaining required open flame permits, wearing personal protection equipment and keeping a fire extinguisher on hand


Press Fittings

  • Long lasting – properly pressed fittings last the life of the pipe
  • Reliable – correctly pressed fittings withstand standard pipe temperatures and pressures
  • Use the right tools – excessive pressing can result in squared, less reliable connections


  • Long lasting – properly sweated fittings last the life of the pipe
  • Reliable – correctly sweated fittings withstand standard pipe temperatures and pressures
  • Experience and technique – overheating, bad solder or old flux can result in bad connections
Learn More About Press Fitting

How Press Fittings Work

Copper press fitting is a flameless alternative to soldering copper pipe connections. In this system, a hydraulic tool is used to press specially designed connectors to join traditional pipes. These connectors house a sealing element that, when pressed, creates an even and reliable connection. 

Press fitting is also known as press-connect joining, crimping and the branded terms Viega ProPress and NIBCO® Press System®. Viega ProPress products are available through The Home Depot’s expanded MRO catalog at your local Pro Desk.

Where Press Fittings May Be Used

Press fittings can be used in most locations, including underground and under slabs. Always check with your local jurisdiction to make sure underground use is permitted.

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Both press fitting and traditional soldering have advantages and drawbacks. Balance your business’s needs against what innovation has to offer to find the efficient solution---or combination of solutions---that works for you.

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