April 11, 2019

How to Calculate Weight of 90 Degree Elbow

Customersalways ask to provide approximate weight for pipe fittings that include 90 degree elbow, equal tee, pipe reducer, threaded coupling and cap. Why do they need this? Because they can decide to choose the shipping way depending on the weights, like LCL, 20GP, 40GP, Air or Express. To help and resolve this things, today we would like to introduce how to get the weight of buttweld elbow.

What is the Steel Pipe Elbow?

Steel pipe elbows are play a very important role in pipeline system. They can be divided into some types that depend on the angle and connection methods.

  • Angle

30 Degree Elbow, 45 Degree Elbow, 60 Degree Elbow, 90 Degree Elbow and 180 Degree Elbow.

  • Connection

Butt Weld Elbow, Threaded Pipe Elbow and Socket Weld Elbow.

  • Radius

Long Radius Elbow and Short Radius Elbow.

What are the Methods ?

  1. Get the weight of 90 degree elbow by chart.
  2. Calculate the weight by formula.
  3. Weigh them one by one.

When you have the outside diameter and wall thickness schedule, you can get the weight in the chart easily. But make sure the 90 degree elbow types clearly, there are two types that LR and SR. We would like to provide the each weight chart for you.

90 Degree Elbow Weight Chart

Long Radius Elbow Weight Chart
Long Radius Elbow Weight Chart
Short Radius Elbow Weight Chart
Short Radius Elbow Weight Chart

Pipe Diameter and Thickness

While calculating the weight of elbow by formula, we should know dimensions, such as outside diameter, wall thickness in millimeter and long radius ( 1.5D) or short radius ( 1D).

Pipe Diameter and Thickness
Pipe Diameter and Thickness

What is Formula of 90 Degree Elbow Weight

The weight formula is W=0.0387 * S*(D – S) * R / 1000, the unit is kg/piece. What’s the meaning of each letter? Let’s explain to you.

  • W means Weight.
  • S means Thickness in mm.
  • D means Outside Diameter in mm.
  • R means Radius that LR=1.5D, SR=1D.

Now we take “90 Degree Elbow LR Seamless 6″ Sch 40 BW ASTM A234 WPB” as sample. From above diameter and thickness chart, we know the outside diameter is 168.3mm and thickness is 7.11mm. The weight will be 0.0387 x 7.11 x ( 168.3 – 7.11 )x 1.5 x 168.3 / 1000 = 11kg/piece.

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