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90 Degree Sharp Elbow PVC Fitting, Female Ends (4322)

90 Degree Sharp Elbow PVC Fitting, Female Ends (4322)


Installing or repairing your own central vacuum system? We provide only the best, high quality fittings and piping available. 

This listing is for a 90 degree, sharp elbow fitting with female ends. 


Did you know? central vacuum PVC piping and fittings are different than the plumbing PVC you find at your local hardware store? Central vacuum PVC pipe is specially engineered, designed and created to be perfectly smooth on the inside for optimum air flow and to prevent clogs. Even central vacuum PVC fittings are designed to have low internal surface friction for maximum suction. Vacuum tubing is very strong, yet is thinner than plumbing PVC, allowing for more flexible and easier installation and greater air flow. Would you like to know more? Contact us! We are always happy to share our knowledge of central vacuum systems with you.


Please Note: We carry a large number of products for a variety of different vacuum systems. Not all tools and accessories will work with all vacuum units. If you are unsure if a product or item will fit your vacuum system, please give us a call! We're here to help. You can contact us at (616)241-6717.

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