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Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Coops666, Jul 17, 2019.

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    i`m fitting a new RAD and have to fit it to mirco ball pipe work. What adaptor would I need to get me from the 15mm TVR onto the mirco ball pipe work.

    I`ve used the telescopic 15mm ones but can`t seem to see any other sizes on screwfix etc
  2. teabreak Screwfix Select

    Microbore pipe tends to be 10 or 8mm as I recall so you need 15mm X 8 or 10mm reducer compression might be best for ease of use.
    Tend not to be common size so a plumbers merchant rather than Screwfix or DIY stores is your best bet.
  3. teabreak Screwfix Select

    This might help.
  4. DIY0001 Active Member

    Screwfix have 15/10 internal compression couplers:
    Basically replaces the olive in a 15mm compression joint to adapt to 10mm pipe.

    Some TRVs come with these adaptors in the kit:

    Although these are called 10/15mm TRVs, they also include the 8/15mm adapter in the kit as well, so they should be called 8/10/15mm TRVs.
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  5. Coops666 Member

    many thanks for all the replies
  6. Udayboppana New Member

    In the video at the end i.e. at 3:28 he was referring at a ring what is that ring?

    And also could you please post the links for that ring and also the olive please?

    Many thanks,
  7. dcox Screwfix Select

    Try this:

    10mm pipe into push fit end then 15mm spigot into bottom of any angled radiator valve.
    Screwfix no: 9970R
  8. DIY0001 Active Member

  9. teabreak Screwfix Select

  10. DIY0001 Active Member

    The Toolstation version is the same as the one in the video, with separate adapter, olive and ring.
    The Screwfix version combines all three components into a single piece part.

    One minor advantage of the Toolstation version could be that only the olive needs replaced if you ever need to remove it for any reason. With the Screwfix version, the whole adapter needs replacing if it is ever removed.

    Having said that, I have used the Screwfix version many times without any issues. Some Danfoss TRVs, such as thisand this, come with the Screwfix version for both 8mm and 10mm micro-bore pipe. However Screwfix only stock the 10mm adapter as a separate item.

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