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PVC 50 lb. Duct Pipe - 6" x 10'

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Ideal for installing pit fans, this corrosion-resistant PVC 50 lb. Duct Pipe has a slight bell end on one side for connecting multiple pieces together. Must be cut in shorter lengths for UPS shipment. Measures, 6" x 10'.

  • Outside Diameter: 6.140"
  • Inside Diameter: 5.988"



Q: I am wanting two 3 foot sections and four caps. Would that be possible?


We can cut to length. However, we only sell it by the 10' length, so you would have to purchase the full length.

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Q: How much would 2 pieces of 6" x 24" cost?

A: We only sell the pipe by the 10' length. It can be cut, but you have to purchase the entire 10-foot length.

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Q: Is this PVC skinny?

A: This is Air/Duct pipe 50lb PIP.

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Q: Could five foot lengths be shipped by ground?

A: Yes, they could. Please call 888.433.5275 for further assistance.

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Q: 2 pcs 6" x 10' can be shipped by ground?

A: No these would have to ship motor freight because of the length, in order to ship regular ground they would have to be cut down.

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Q: I need 4 x 6” round do you offer it?

A: We only sell this pipe in the full 10' lengths. It can be cut to length, but you will need to purchase a full piece.

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Q: How thick is the sidewall? Is this schedule 10, 20?

A: The thickness is 0.152"

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Q: Can this be used for water drainage?

A: Yes, this could be used for water drainage, however, it is not heavy enough to use under a driveway.

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Q: Looking for most inexpensive 6-10” round super thin 4-5 ft length for DIY project.

A: This is sold by the 10' length, we can cut it for shipping but we will ship the entire 10' piece.

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Q: How much does one 6" x 10' pipe weigh?

A: 11 pounds

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