2" (G50) C40 90° Crossover Tube/Pipe Clamp

The 90° Crossover is to allow two rails at 90 to each other to be joined. It is often used for the midrail joint on handrailing when continuous lengths of tube are used. Please note that tube joints should use the C00 or C01 fitting and must not be joined in the C40 fitting.

The G50 60.3mm range of tube clamps are designed to fit 60.3mm OD (2" NB) tube.

The G50 is the largest of our 5 sizes is particularly suitable for heavy weight constructions such as heavy duty trolley bays, barriers and industrial areas that are liable to come in contact with forklift trucks/other vehicles and constructions which are required to carry heavy loads such as racking.

Standard: BS EN 1562:1997, grub screw to BS EN 1563:1997

Material: Main body - malleable iron, screw - ductile iron

Hot dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999.

Suitable for use with steel tube to BS EN 10255 andBS1387.

Size Conversion

Kee Klamp® - Size 9
Tubeclamps™ - Size E
Q Clamp® - Size 5
Intercamp® - E60


Fitting No. Fitting Size Metric Tube Size Imperial Tube Size
G20 3/4" 20mm 3/4"
G25 1" 25mm 1"
G32 1 1/4" 32mm 1 1/4"
G40 1 1/2" 40mm 1 1/2"
G50 2" 50mm 2"