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Introducing the ECAP321- the patented VENT CAP that fits 1 1/2", 2" & 3" pvc pipes designed to improve air flow and eliminate excessive moisture and debris that rust or ruin high-efficiency gas furnaces, tankless hot water tanks and clog plumbing, or other PVC-vented installations.

The e-cap is the most intelligent vent cap ever, fully protecting equipment from moisture, dirt, debris & other obstructions.  In addition to protection, performance and durability, the e-cap provides an aesthetically improvement over unsightly elbows.  The exclusive design allows it to be utilized on both intake and exhaust pipes.  Once installed, the E-CAP provides 28% to 78% greater air volume than a conventional flue pipe. 

The E-Cap is also ideal for protecting your plumbing vent pipes from birds, squirrels, roof rats and leaves that clog and prevent your plumbing from draining properly.

There are a number of reasons why the E-Cap should be your choice for protecting vents and flue pipes. Under-protected pipes or P-traps can allow moisture, debris, or animals down the intake and vent flue of your HVAC or other equipment, shortening the life of the unit and damaging your investment.

  1. Peak Industries' creative invention, the E-Cap, offers:
  2. Superior design, function, and price in comparison to other conventional concentric vents
  3. Faster and easier installation than P-trap vents
  4. Resistant to heat, cold, precipitation, and UV radiation
  5. Protects furnace motor and interior from damaging due to moisture and debris
  6. Promotes unrestricted airflow of both intake and vent flue – will never freeze up with condensation
  7. Precisely and quickly fits 1.5”, 2”, and 3” PVC pipe with standard PVC glue
  8. Works perfectly in either vertical or horizontal flue pipe installations
  9. Can be used on all PVC-vented high-efficiency applications, such as HVAC exhausts and intakes, plumbing, radon gas vents, and high-efficiency tankless water heaters

E-Cap not only promotes unrestricted airflow of plumbing and radon gas vents but also protects the vent pipes from high winds, debris, and wildlife intrusions. It is also ideal to use on intake and exhaust of PVC-vented high-efficiency gas furnaces.


Brilliant Can Be Simple!

My septic roof vent clogged every winter either with ice or tree debris. Cleaning the septic backup into tub and shower an awful experience.
This simple "mushroom" cap solved my problem. It should be made MANDATORY in all residential building codes!
Thanks AT&S. - Neil W.

New product evaluation.

Simple installation. Nice curb appeal. Priced right. - Jonathan C.

E cap vent cap

Good quality and clean looking cap for roof pipe vents. Fits all standard pvc pipe sizes. Can be glued or other resourceful fastening means to pipe vent. Can be painted if you dont like white. Keeps debris and critters out of piping. I used it to stop rain from entering vent pipe.

- Anonymous

roof vents

I got these new vent caps for all the vents on my roof. Squirrels like to drop lots of nuts down every hole they can find, so all of mine will be capped, plumbing, furnace, and water heater!

The shipping was super fast as well and the staff was easy to work with. I highly recommend the company. - John P.

E-Cap Vent

I have some older plumbing vent pipes in my house, and some of the pipes were cracked and leaking accumulated water in the pipes (both condensation and rain water). A friend and I located these items online, and decided to give them a try. I have 3 inch pipes going through the roof, and used a 3" male and female pipe adapter (screw-on type) to affix them to the existing pipes, in the event that I need to access the pipes to clean out.

So far, no more dripping (and I did fix the cracked/separated pipe), but am using these to prevent any further liquid from building up in the vent pipes. - Anonymous

E-cap Vent Cap

Quick delivery, easy installation - Anonymous

e cap

This is the second one I've bought. First one works fine. This one I'll have to save for another project. It is too small for the pipe I had in mind. E cap really needs to make a size for 4", 6" & 8" pipes! - Jerry

Great add-on

E-caps are a great add-on line item to Full Home Exclusions, and ATS' prices a hard beat! - Shlomo

great product

very easy to use, works great - Anonymous

e caps

works great - Anonymous